REC Podcast Courses 

Who are these Lessons For?

For students that are only interested in the Real English Conversations Podcast lessons.

Real English Conversations Podcasts [All Episodes]

Cost: $99 (Lifetime Access) 

Purchasing this course will allow you to have access to all the podcast lessons that we have already published PLUS access to all the new conversations we publish in the future.

  • 70+ Podcast Conversation Episodes
  • New podcasts every month
  • Full transcription (text)
  • MP3 download

Who is this Course For?

For students that want to focus on learning phrasal verbs.

You are probably a student that has heard the Phrasal Verb Podcast and you want access to all the lessons from the course. 

English Phrasal Verb Course

Course Cost: $99 (Lifetime Access) 
  • 260 Phrasal Verb Lessons 
    • Examples using the phrasal verb
    • Examples avoiding the phrasal verb (to increase understanding)
  • 25 Phrasal Verb Stories
    • See the phrasal verbs being used in the context of a story
  • PDF Lesson Notes
  • MP3 downloads